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For 41 days, barbarian, murderer, enemy of humanity Israel, its partners the USA and European bandits have been massacring 15 thousand mothers, fathers and children. The whole world is watching. Supposedly today is World Children’s Day

“To motherless children,

To fatherless girls,

Tell those whose children are killed,

Today is World Children’s Day….

To the one whose house is destroyed,

To those who are left hungry,

To the one whose arms and legs are torn off,

To those who cannot wash their hands for days,

To those who spend sleepless weeks,

To those who lose their spouse,

Say to the flowers that are picked before they bloom,

Go ahead and say it!

If you have one, tell me your face.

Today is World Children’s Day….

Tell it to those who have neither night nor day.

To those who forget to laugh,

To those whose tomorrow was stolen,

To those who are ignored,

Those who return to Asfala Safilin

Tell those they massacred.

Today is World Children’s Day!

All the days have lost their meaning.

The ground is narrow, the sky is faded,

It became difficult to breathe.

If you can still laugh,

Look at their faces and smile once more”