From time to time, we, like you, follow the statements of some experts in the written and visual media about chicken meat, and we feel sad.

Some of these stated claims are;
Claims that these animals, which reach slaughter maturity in 1.45 days, are not halal and healthy, and therefore their meat cannot be halal and healthy.
2. Allegations regarding chicken breeds that their genetic structures have been manipulated and therefore they are GMO
3. Among the chicks, the female ones are left alive. Allegations that male chicks are being killed.
4. Allegations that antibiotics and hormones were used in the feeding of these chickens
5. Claims that hundreds of thousands of chickens cannot be slaughtered by hand every day
6. Claims that chickens will be murdered in the feather plucking system applied
7.Therefore, nonsensical claims are being made that the halal certificates of halal certification institutions, which have become the toys of the capitalist system, will not be valid.

First of all, let us underline that these claims are unfounded according to the available information.

Claims about these chicken breeds being GMO are unfounded according to available information. These races consist of hybrid species. There are no religious prohibitions on creating improved breeds through hybridization and selection.

There is no religious prohibition in feeding with hybridization through generation breeding and the application of a feed ration suitable for the desired meat quality.

The aim of these studies is to develop features for rapid productivity increase. Therefore, it is definitely not possible for them to be GMO. As a matter of fact, GMO analyzes are carried out on Halal certified slaughtered chickens and so far all of them have been found clean.

It is also unreal that male chicks are killed in chicken production. Information obtained from occasional inquiries shows that the male-to-female ratio of chickens coming from farms to slaughterhouses is almost the same.

Another claim is that the meat obtained from these animals is unhealthy and that there are many residues such as hormones or antibiotics are unfounded. Regarding the use of hormones in animals within the scope of the GIMDES Halal certification system; The use of hormones is absolutely not allowed in the GIMDES Halal Certification system. Regarding antibiotic drugs, their use in all animal species in livestock farming is inevitable under some conditions. This use is made under veterinary control and it is known that such drugs do not pose a risk if they are sent to slaughter after waiting for their excretion from the body. In addition, taking into consideration all conditions, the GIMDES Halal Certification system requires that the feed ration be administered in a more special ration 3 days before slaughter. As a result, the animals given these drugs are kept for a sufficient time and then sent to slaughter. Since the drugs and other unknown substances are cleared from the body, they do not pose a risk to halalness and human health…

Moreover, it is not understandable that these drug residues only cause problems in chickens, because; When such drugs are used in cattle, sheep and fish, similar risks arise if they are cut and consumed without waiting for the elimination period from the body. However, the claimants do not speak out on these issues.

In order to monitor the slaughtering conditions of cattle, sheep and poultry at all times, one of the indispensable elements of the GIMDES Halal Certification system is that the slaughtering must be done manually by a Muslim and the slaughterhouses must be equipped with a camera system to monitor this. GIMDES has achieved this system. Visitors from other countries admire the system. With this system, nearly 2 million birds are manually slaughtered every day.

It is recorded and controlled by both fiqh and veterinary examination that there is no impurity contamination in the birds passed through water in the feather plucking system, due to the applied conditions.

It is obvious that it is a great slander for GIMDES to describe an institution that has been in a struggle against non-Muslim, capitalist, imperialist and westernist modernity for years as a ‘halal certification institution that has become a toy of the capitalist system’.

Unfortunately, we often come across these days when people whose opinions are sought as experts try to create urban legends, especially about chicken meat, whose reasons we cannot understand.