Ebubekir IŞKIN, Vice President of the Mavi Marmara Association, and Medet KAN, who served on the Mavi Marmara ship and guided those who grew up on the same ship, visited Hüseyin Kâmi BÜYÜKÖZER in GİMDES Headquarters; owing to he had been provided cash aid and hosted an iftar dinner for 1000 people in Gaza during the Hatay earthquake, through the Mavi Marmara Association.

During the meeting, issues such as what action could be planned for our brothers in Gaza from now on, what kind of awareness could be created, and what kind of assistance could be provided, hopefully, in the construction of Gaza and at the end of the war, were mutually discussed.

Mavi Marmara Association Vice President Ebubekir IŞKIN promised that when the Mavi Marmara Ship hopefully sets sail again, the food and beverages on the ship will be provided with halal and tayyib foods certified by GIMDES. He stated that Mavi Marmara Association and the volunteers around them pay attention to halal and tayyib food and that they will pay more attention from now on.

Hüseyin Kâmi BÜYÜKÖZER; He stated that the GIMDES family never gave certificates to Zionist companies and that the main solution to the boycott was to make GIMDES certified products widespread. He talked about his own life experiences and memories.

GIMDES Chief Auditor Mehmet BAYAR, in his meeting with the Mavi Marmara Association team, stated that the company authorities in the inspection of the oil company in Russia told him: The previous certification companies were very indifferent and even gave the certificate without coming to the inspection, while GIMDES has very strict rules.

The visit ended with mutual wishes, prayers and gifts.