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Halal certified export figures of Turkey continue to increase and last year Turkish Halal industry passed the 3 billion USD level for the first time. GIMDES officials are very optimistic and they say Turkish Halal export will increase to 15 billion USD by year 2023 and 70% of the producers and exporters will have Halal certification.
GIMDES also expect that the total Halal market of Turkey only including food, cosmetics, fashion, tourism, catering, medicine, logistics, finance and media will be around 337 Billion USD in 2023. With such enormous figures, Turkey will have the second biggest potential market.
State of the Global Islamic Economy, the latest report prepared by Thomson & Reuters show that
Indonesia has a market of 235 billion USD,
Turkey as 154 billion USD and
Saudi Arabia as 91 billion USD in 2012.

Another report prepared by TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly) Show the below figures :
Year *Food Export Figures ( Milion USD)
2013 15000 $
2012 14000 $
2011 13000 $
2010 11000 $
2009 10000 $

GIMDES Halal certified product exports (Milion USD)
2013 3250 $
2012 2500 $
2011 1700 $
2010 500 $
2009 50 $
*data from TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly)

GIMDES, the first Halal certifier of Turkey, started Halal certification in 2009. For this reason, there is no Halal certified product export before this year. As it is very clear, producers have shown great interest to Halal certifying and their exports have boosted thanks to GIMDES’s sincere and hard work and worldwide recognition.
As of 2014, GIMDES granted Halal certificates to more than 5,000 products of about 350 companies. This figure is still very small compared to the size of Turkey, one of the biggest food exporters of World. GIMDES officials add that there are many applications for Halal certification that are on routine checks and the number of companies that show interest increase day by day.
Halal certification started in the World more than 40 years ago and the Halal movement was always led by NGOs. Most of the Halal certification is still carried out by NGOs in many countries. Not surprisingly, this movement was initiated by Muslim populations living in non-Muslim countries. However, Islamic countries have always “assumed” that their products were Halal without questions and they did not do anything to protect their people. Now we realize that modernity devastated belief, conscience and other virtues.
Jews have always had the Kosher, Vegetarians have lots of choices in Islamic countries and when it comes to Halal certifying, it is a question mark. The OIC, the 2nd biggest international organization with 57 member countries have accomplished nothing from the day it started.
We are very proud to say that Muslims have the right to protect their own rights and we shouldn’t wait everything from the governments. That is why we started GIMDES in 2005 and by Allah’s help and Support, now we are one of the best Halal certifiers in the World. The above table is a sign of our small accomplishment and we believe that we will be a good example to both Muslim and non-Muslim countries.