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We celebrate the Ramadan Eid of the entire Islamic world and pray Allah Almighty to make it instrumental in goodness (Khair).


We should try to celebrate our Eid with our children with cheer and persistence by paying attention to our social distances without losing our joy of life while we welcome a very different Ramadan Eid with bittersweet joy than the previous ones under the shadow of coronavirus calamity, sadness and acridity.


Ramadan Eid


Eid is the day of cheer and joy. It is one of the beautiful days when the great feelings are exuberant, love and respect are revived among Muslims. Cooperation and social cohesion reach their limit on that day.


Eid is one of the most beautiful occasions that harmonize and bring people together. To such extent that the spirit of solidarity and gift that has been cultivated during the Eid reaches beyond the living people to the ones that past from the world and wait for a Fatiha in their graves. In order to fulfill their wishes, Muslims visit the graves in the Eid; they read the Holy Qur’an, Fatiha and make dua to their souls and make them happy as well.


Ramadan Eid has a special place among believers because Ramadan Eid expresses the collective Iftar pleasure of one-month long fasting as like the Iftar pleasure of each day of fasting. Muslims who fast on their nafs for a long time like a month, especially when Ramadan comes to the summer months, have the opportunity to experience the joy of walking out of spiritual responsibility in Ramadan Eid by passing the test of patience.


Ramadan Eid and Eid al-Adha have started to be celebrated since the 2nd year of Hijrah. Fasting in Ramadan was made Fard in this year and Muslims fasting on this month celebrated the first three days of the following month (Shawwal) as eid. For this reason, this Eid is called Ramadan Eid.


“When Muslims gather in mosques for the salat in the morning of the Eid, Allahu ta’ala asks angels, “What is the reward for a person who has completed his task?” Angels answer, “To receive a payment.” Thereupon, Allahu ta’ala says, “Then bear witness that I gave My servants My own pleasure and forgiveness in return for their fasts and salats in Ramadan. O My servants, ask for anything you wish from Me today. By My Honor and Glory, I will grant you whatever you ask for.” [Imam Bayhaqi]


Wishing to reach new Eids with an Islamic Ummah that is more conscious, taken lessons from coronavirus, stronger, more carefree, lighthearted and cheerful…


O Allah make it khair what is in our hearts, and make our hearts consent with what is khair for us. Ameen.