Two new branches of Halal Dunya Markets (HDM) will be open very soon insha’Allah in Istanbul.

[Are] men whom neither commerce nor sale distracts from the remembrance of Allah and performance of prayer and giving of zakāh. They fear a Day in which the hearts and eyes will [fearfully] turn about.” (Surah an-Nur, 37).

So whoever does an atom’s weight1 of good will see it.” (Surah az-Zilzal, 7).

GIMDES President Dr. H.K. BÜYÜKÖZER stated the following for the Halal Dunya Markets project, which is one of the social projects of GIMDES to spread the Halal and Tayyib food to the world:

“New brothers will join the society that is struggling for the Khair. HDMs with their increasing numbers will, insha’Allah, provide great benefits to the Muslim population. Until now, 40 branches of these markets have been opened. I believe that the number of HDMs will increase as the demand for Halal and Tayyib products increases. I believe that insha’Allah, the number of these HDMs will increase more until the end of 2021. Efforts to raise awareness in the society, such as seminars, live videos, expos and etc., started to give fruits, which can be understood from the applications of international firms to receive Halal and Tayyib certificates. Today, approximately 500 firms have GIMDES Halal and Tayyib certificates and 15000 different product categories have been supplied to the world market.”

Our brothers, who are going to open these new HDMs, have given a speech stating that “Our aim is to sell Halal products, which are certified by a reliable and trustworthy Halal Certification Body, to the consumers. This business has both material and spiritual benefits. We do not have any right to sell a product that we cannot consume.”

Chicken, red meat and products, cheese, butter, frozen foods, milk, cheddar, flour, oil, tea, sugar, water, pasta, honey, buttermilk, yogurt, tahini, molasses in our HDMs, which are subject to GIMDES audit to make sure that these markets only sell Halal certified products.

HDM branches continue to serve in Istanbul (10 Markets), Ankara (3 Markets), Bolu, Gaziantep (2 Markets), Konya (2 Markets), Sakarya, Osmaniye, Adana, Aksaray, Antalya, Bursa (3), Erzincan, Derince, Kocaeli , Urfa (2Market), Batman, Gebze, Kırıkkale, K.Maraş (2 Market), Isparta, Malatya, Kayseri, Düzce.

We invite our brothers and sisters, who have not met with Halal and Tayyib products yet, to visit our nearest branch, to do shopping, to get to know and to introduce Halal Dunya Markets.

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