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Dr.Hüseyin Kâmi BÜYÜKÖZER

Being in the middle of the European, Asian and African continents

Benefiting from the high export potential thanks to geographical proximity to Russia, EU and Middle East markets

Keeping the pulse of the industry and exchanging information with rich content programs

Finding the one that still offers the best returns for your investments

Connecting with a large cross-section of Halal Product industry professionals.

An 800 square meter section in the Tüyap Fair area was allocated to our companies that produce only Halal and Tayyib products, and communication with other Halls was provided.

Our International Conference, which will be held for the 16th time this year, where various issues of Halal and Tayyib products are explained scientifically, will be held online on the same dates.

Fairs are one of the most colorful and exciting events in the business world. In a way, it is a stage where innovations are showcased and business networks are woven. So, why are international fairs so prominent in the business world?

International fairs are platforms where people from different geographies and sectors come together and products, services and ideas are exhibited. As you wander among the colorful stands at these impressive events, you will be inspired and discover the trends of the future.

What Do Companies Participating in Fairs Think?

In today’s business world, international fairs are of great importance for businesses. Fairs are not only platforms where products and services are exhibited, but also events where businesses shape their growth strategies and create their visions for the future. Fairs for many companies; It offers opportunities to achieve successful financial performance, expand the customer network, conduct competitive analysis and gain corporate reputation.

10 Benefits of Participating in International Fairs

Great potentials and unlimited opportunities are hidden in fairs where thousands of participants from different sectors come together. So, why are international fairs so important and how do they offer indispensable opportunities for businesses?

1) The Power to Open the Doors of the Market:

International fairs offer businesses the opportunity to expand their markets and step into new regions. You can increase your market share by introducing your products or services to potential customers around the world.

2) Chance to Stand One Step Ahead from Your Competitors:

Fairs are prestigious platforms where rival companies exhibit their latest products and services. By showing your own products and services, you can get ahead of your competitors and make a difference.

3) Preparing the Groundwork for Collaborations and Networking:

International fairs bring together important actors of the business world under the same roof. These events provide opportunities to form new business partnerships and international networking.

4) Increasing Export Potential:

Fairs are a golden opportunity for businesses that want to export. You can increase your export potential by communicating directly with foreign buyers.

5) Chance to Discover and Learn Innovations:

Keeping up with the latest innovations and trends in the industry is critical to developing your business. Fairs provide the opportunity to discover and learn about these innovations.

6) Opportunity to Promote Your Brand:

International fairs offer the opportunity to announce and promote your brand to a wide audience. You can make your brand memorable with impressive stand design and interactive experiences.

7) Ideal Platform for Product Promotions:

There is no more effective platform to promote your new products or services than fairs. You can attract attention by supporting your promotions with special events.

8) Strengthening Customer Relationships:

Fairs, where you can have the opportunity to communicate face to face with your existing customers, are an important tool for strengthening customer relations.

9) Opportunities to Gain New Customers:

Potential new customers are among the visitors attending fairs. You can gain new customers by offering them the opportunity to experience your products and services.

10) Inspiring and Energetic Environment:

International fairs offer an energetic environment that triggers creativity and motivation. You can get inspired and expand your vision by interacting with participants from different cultures and sectors.

As GIMDES, We are with you on your journey to the fairs!

Remember, fairs are not just business, they are also an adventure full of great opportunities. Take action now to experience this adventure fully and successfully with GİMDES!