M.Mohamed Djibril BELLO, Head of Halal Cote D’Ivoire, who conducts Halal certification activities on the Ivory Coast, and his delegation visited GIMDES.

President of GIMDES Hüseyin Kami Büyüközer has met with Mohamed Djibril BELLO. Mr. Bello who visited GIMDES from two years ago, mentioned that they took the GIMDES advices for develop our institution, and we are now visiting GIMDES for getting recognition and for learning from GIMDES experience in Halal certification system.

GIMDES President Dr. BÜYÜKÖZER said that Halal certified products are the most natural right of Muslims living all over the world. He stated that the producers should produce products which are strictly in accordance with the Halal certification requirements, and HCBs should work with strict inspection activities.

Dr. BÜYÜKÖZER said that GİMDES has shared their experience in the Halal certification in different activities and we made many training programs in different countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Russia, Tatarstan, Poland, Azerbaijan, Macedonia etc., and we will be proud to share our experience with brothers in Cote D’Ivoire.

First of all, we must agree about the need for Halal and Tayyib Life System which, and it is one of the most important Muslims consumer rights. Non-Muslims can’t work in Halal certification, Halal certification should be a completely independent institution consisting of Muslim individuals who believe in Islam and apply what they believe in their lives.

GIMDES made many agreements with different Halal certification bodies. Getting GIMDES’s recognition as a trustworthy organization gives many HCBs trustness.

We already support our brother in Cote D’Ivoire Halal certification body for getting the membership of WHC, and now the get their associate member in WHC and we hope they can get their full membership in WHC.

GIMDES recognition procedure is as the following:

-Submission the application form, together with the necessary information and documents, are submitted to GIMDES.

– Application is processed to ensure that the Terms & Conditions in this form are being complied with.

– Site audit at the applicant’s office / certified premises may be conducted where necessary.

– Letter of Recognition will be issued upon approval of application.